Roblox Anime Destroyers Codes List

Roblox Anime Destroyers Codes List [Updated 2022]

Anime Destroyers Codes: Hello friends! Do you know something that we are going to discuss today? The most popular game is Anime Destroyers. We have enclosed certain codes which you can make use of for claiming free rewards. To know more about the game get into the article.

Roblox Anime Destroyers Codes List

This most popular game is developed by Bloxcrafters Ruby in the year July 12, 2021. Only one rule for the players is Destroy, Destroy everything that is what you have to do. By the way of destroying everything, you will be earning free yen. Each and everything should be destroyed to get more points. You can also earn it using smart ways by using active codes.

Roblox Anime Destroyers Codes List
Roblox Anime Destroyers Codes List For Free [January 2022]

Working Roblox Anime Destroyers Codes Lists

In this part, we will be discussing all the working codes that are used to claim the free rewards for the players.


Rewards: 2x Yen Boosts    Time: 15 minutes


Rewards: 2X Damage boost


Rewards: 2X Damage boost


Rewards: 2x Power Luck Boost     Time: 15 minutes


Rewards: 2X Power Luck boost


Rewards: 2x Yen Boost

Expired Roblox Anime Destroyers Codes Lists

Here we will cover all the non-working codes which are no longer valid to use. Such kinds of codes are given below.

  • Fortunately, there are no expired codes

How to Redeem Roblox Anime Destroyers Codes?

To claim those free rewards you have to follow the simple procedures given below.

  • Launch the game on Roblox
  • Navigate to the Twitter icon
  • On the upcoming screen, enter the code in the given text box
  • Finally, hit on the Submit button to claim the reward.

These are the simple steps in which you can claim the rewards for free like yen boosts, damage boosts, power boost, etc. The players should make use of these codes as soon as possible before it expires because no one knows when they would become invalid. Make sure to keep an eye on the article regularly to notice the changes in working and non-working codes.

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