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Apex Legends Tier List [Updated 2022]

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Apex Legends Tier List: Hey buddies! All the human people would love to play video games. When playing video games, the players will forget all the negativity they hope in real life. Today we are back with some more exciting updates about the video game. Our topic for today is Apex Legends Tier List. All the human people would love to play this video game because this game is exciting, and all over the world are loving to play this video game. People permit all ages to play this video game, so there is no age limit for this video game.

This video game is best known for the human people as a role-playing game. In the upcoming passage, the video game lovers can claim information like the definition for the video game, the Tier list for S, A, B, C, D, and we also mention more awesome weapons you can claim in this video game. More human people would love to play this video game because the developer uses excellent sound effects and amazing animations. Do read this article without any distractions because this article surely will improve your gaming level. Then, let us jump to some more exciting subheadings.

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About Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment was the developer for the video game Apex Legends in the time duration on 4 February 2019. This video game is very outstanding, and all the human people would love to play this video game, and the video game will be like an altogether fighting battle. All the video game players in this video game have to fight and kill their opponent to get a win in this video game. Let us explain how to play this video game. In this video game, players can play their game with the team, and there will be an opposite team. The player has to kill the opponent team with the help of the weapons.

In the time of playing, if the player causes death in that game and the player’s team can give rebirth to the dead player with the help of the dead player’s card. This video game contains more character players, and each player has an individual personality, and that power will give more strength to kill the opponent. Through this video game, people can claim the rewards like a rebirth, weapons, strength, and even more freebies.

Apex Legends Tier List in 2022

We are sure that all people would love to read this passage because we mention more details about the Tier list. As we say in the above paragraph in this video game, more players are available in this video game, and each character player has different kinds of powers. The video game player can claim information about the character’s strengths and weaknesses through this passage. With the help of this list, the video game player can gain their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. If video game players know about their character, they can easily defect their opponent and win the game quickly.

Apex Legends Tier List
Apex Legends Tier List

The Tier list is handy for people who are very new to this video game platform because they can quickly learn about its character. As a result, they can easily win the video game, and the player will get more experience. Nowadays, all the human people are starting playing video games with the help of the Tier list, and with the use of the list, the payers can easily find their match.

Apex Legends S Tier List

The available character is more vital than any other character in the S Tier list. These people have more powers, fighting capacities, and even more advantages character. If people take this character to play in video games, they will surely win them.

  • Fuse
  • Horizon
  • Gibraltar
  • Wraith

Apex Legends A Tier List

The list A characters are mighty players but not much as the S character list, and more video game users use this character and win their video game. These characters will overcome all the enemies in the video game.

  • Bloodhound
  • Caustic
  • Lifeline

Apex Legends B Tier List

The third most potent character list is the B list. These charters have some power but not more than the list A and S. Even though these characters have weaknesses. They will also use this character and win in their video game. This B list has some list if you know the opponent’s powers and liability means surly you will get a win in this video game.

  • Bangalore
  • Crypto
  • Revenant
  • Octane

Apex Legends C Tier List

In the C List, the giving names have average powers only. This list is because more people playing this video game will not use these characters. After all, if the player chooses these characters means, the opponent may kill the player, and the player can have the opportunity to lose the game.

  • Pathfinder
  • Wattson

Apex Legends D Tier List

The names in list D are not influential, so please refuse to take these characters to play this video game. If you pick the D list, you will get killed by your opponent, and you will not get victory in your video game.

  • Loba
  • Rampart

Apex Legends E Tier List

The available character is the worst in list E among all the characters. The video game player who is new to this video game can claim this character and practice it. These list characters are only for the experiences, so the video game user no need to pick these characters.

  • Mirage

Apex Legends Weapons Tier List

There are more characters in the game Apex Legends Tier List, and each character has its unique power. In this passage, the video game lover can claim lots of weapons. The player can quickly get into the video game easily. In the below-having section, we mention some names of the guns and the characters who deserve the powerful weapons.

Apex Legends Weapons Tier List
Apex Legends Weapons Tier List

Apex Legends Assault Tier List

The Assault was one of the most potent weapons. Although this player will be stronger than all the players, and this player will be like one of the most dangerous characters, bullet, the character will be stable in any challenging situation in the game. Even more, capacity is available in these characters.

S – R-301 Carbine
A – G7 Scout
B – 30-30 Repeater, VK-47 Flatline
C  -Hemlok

Apex Legends Pistol Tier List

These players are not much more potent in this video game. This player will use only the Pistol, and with the help of the Pistol, they will kill all the enemies in the video game. The video game player who loves the weapons Pistol will pick the characters.

S – Wingman
C –  RE-45 Auto
D – P2020

Apex Legends Shotgun Tier List

The weapons Shotgun is an excellent weapon, but it will not be helpful and sound all the time. Also, more people who love to play this video game choose this and win the game.

A – Peacekeeper
B – EVA-8 Auto
C – Mastiff
D – Mozambique

Apex Legends Sniper Tier List

The weapons Sniper is a great weapon, and all the human people who love to play this video game could surely choose this weapon. This weapon will help the character shout at the opponent from a long distance.

S – Kraber
A – Charge Rifle
B – Longbow
C – Sentinel

Apex Legends LMGs Tier List

LMGS can expand as Light Machine Gun. In this video game, this is the best weapon, and all the player who is playing this video game will surely use only this weapon. Through this weapon, the video game player can quickly defect the opponent.

S – M600 Spitfire, Rampage
A – L-Star
C – Devotion

Apex Legends SMGs Tier List

SMGS can expand as Sub- Machine Gun. However, more people are using this weapon when the player is very close to the enemies, which will cause more damage. 

S – Alternator, Prowler
A – Volt, R-99
C – Alternator SMG


What is the purpose of using the Apex Legends Tier List?

Using the Apex Legends Tier List, the player playing this video game needs to choose their character with knowledge. The main advantage for this list of the player is finding out the character’s strengths and weaknesses, and also the player can also find out the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. This list will help find out the perfect match for this video game.

Which Tier List has the most strong characters?

List S contains the best and strong character because it has more advantages and can win the game quickly. Therefore, more people are using the list s to win their video games.

Which Tier List has the least powerful characters?

List E contains the worst and least powerful character. These characters will help to get practice the video game. However, no one will pick this character because this character will not be able to win in any games.


Here we conclude the Apex Legends Tier List. We hope that the video game lover can claim more information about Apex Legends Tier List and use this article to win your video game. This article will surely help to improve your gaming level to high. So bookmark our website if the video game lover needs more details about games and tier lists.

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