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Archero Tier List|Best Heroes, Abilities, Weapons, & Accessories

Archero Tier List: Welcome Guys. Get ready to enter an archery world where your survival is itself a question mark. As a first-person player, you will be given the role of a lone archer where your objective is to survive against evil. With the new developments in gaming technology, many developers have started developing games in various genres and styles.

Every genre has a specific group of fan base in their respective communities. In that sense, Arcade is one of the existing genres that has a mass number of casual players in addition to the action and adventure games. Get ready to kill and stack up against your enemies like it is the last chance to keep you alive.

Chiefly it is an amazing mobile-based game attracting and satisfying a lot of mobile users. As with action and shooting games, this game also offers various accessories like a lot of heroes, abilities, pets, armor, weapons, customization options, and much more is making this game more addictive among smartphone users.

These are known as Tiers in the gaming platform. So, an Archero Tier List will be a great guide for you to decide the best items that you should focus on in the game to master. Certainly, a tier list means a catalog that divides the best heroes, abilities, and items into specific tiers. It is important to know which tier contains what items in order to update your stats on the game. So, without any further delay let’s get into the article.

What is Archero?

Basically, Archero is a mobile-based arcade game that is available for both Android and iOS. This game has been developed by Habby and eventually has been released in the year 2019. It is a roleplayer game. Here your role is to control an archer and to make him complete his quest on the way to master the epic game.

Chiefly, you have to apply certain combinations of skills and combos in order to slay the monsters. Certainly, this will move your archer to the forthcoming levels. This mobile-based game includes both single-player and multiplayer game modes. But you can choose only one game mode at a time.

The only way to survive the game is by killing the never-ending wave of enemies. And if you die, you have to start all again to play the game. Here you will get the chance to learn new combinations of skills that will help you to survive. Get ready to crawl through the various worlds of monsters and obstacles that will question you the meaning of survival.

Furthermore, this game has faster-paced combat that will teach you the attacks of the monsters. So after a myriad of practices, you will know what the next attack will be. In addition, the tactical experience with the game showcases a high amount of frustration when your character dies.

Finally, the availability of numerous heroes, abilities, and items with the game will lead you to blink in choosing the best item. This Archero Tier List will provide you with a reliable guide to play your game effectively by choosing the best items from the available tiers. So, you can choose the best item to customize your archer in the game.

Archero Tier List

Archero Tier List
Archero Tier List

This Archero Tier list will be very useful in case both the heroes, that is you and your friend are using common items with the same abilities. As an Archero player, it is important for you to decide which item belongs to which tier to determine how good enough they are.

Similarly, the availability of a lot of heroes and weapons makes it a hard task to choose the best item that will boost up our game. Need not worry. In this tier list, we have divided those items into specific categories based upon their power and usefulness. Are you ready to become an archer hero? If yes, come let’s enter into our first tier list.

Archero Best Heroes Tier List

Archero: Best Heroes Tier List
Archero: Best Heroes Tier List

Basically in this best heroes tier list, we are going to categories the archero heroes into a specific number of 9 tiers. Traditionally the first tier will be made up of the most powerful heroes with the stronger ability and it goes on till the last tier. So, the best heroes list will start from tier 1 to tier 9.

Generally, the heroes in the first tier will have the most stronger ability and defense against the monsters. It marks the ability to have a head-to-head fight with the evil. On the other hand, the heroes in tier 2 will be the same as the heroes in tier 1 but with slight drawbacks in power and defense. Certainly, the power differences go on till tier 9.

Hero NamesTier

Archero Best Weapons Tier List

Archero: Best Weapons Tier List
Archero: Best Weapons Tier List

In the weapon section, the best weapons are divided and grouped into three tiers or categories. Officially, they are Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3. Obviously, the weapons in Tier 1 will be the most powerful and useful in defeating the monsters.

Followingly, tier 2 will include the weapons that are slightly less powerful than the weapons in tier 1. It doesn’t mean that they are not powerful. Of course, they are powerful than the weapons in tier 3. Obviously, tier 3 weapons will be average or below average comparing to tier 1 and tier 2.

Weapon NamesTier
Gale Force1
Stalker Staff1
Death Scythe2
Brave Bow2
Saw Blade3
Demon BladeN/A

The corresponding table will elucidate the detailed tier list in the Weapon CO-OP items. Likewise, the Weapon solo tier list, the following table elucidates the CO-OP list for your clear perception to add them or keep them out from the inventory.

Weapon NamesTier
Gale Force1
Brave Bow1
Saw Blade1
Stalker Staff3
Death Scythe3
Demon BladeN/A

Archero Best Armor Tier List

Archero: Best Armor Tier List
Archero: Best Armor Tier List

Chiefly it is very important to know the best armors in the game to build up your defense. In this, perceiving the tier list is important to identify which armor belongs where. Obviously, you can find a lot of armor.

Each armor has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your armor defense also depends on the type of hero you choose. In order to know which armor is better than the others in the game follow the below-given Archero Tier List.

Armor NamesTier
Bright Robe1
Shadow Robe1
Vest of Dexterity2
Phantom Cloak2
Golden Chestplate3
Void Robe3

Archero Best Ring Tier List

Archero: Best Ring Tier List
Archero: Best Ring Tier List

Choosing the best ring is very important to include in your inventor and to make your fight more amazing. Each ring has a different set of abilities. Of course, some ring abilities might be better than others. There are a lot of ring abilities and it mostly depends upon the hero you choose and what they can do. So, make use of the following Archero Tier List to identify the best ring to use in your game.

Bull Ring1
Lion Ring1
Serpent Ring2
Wolf Ring2
Falcon Ring3
Bear Ring3

Archero Best Bracelet Tier List

Archero: Best Bracelet Tier List
Archero: Best Bracelet Tier List

Chiefly, the Archero Bracelet list is very important in increasing the powers of your Archero hero. As we have seen in the other tiers, this too has a lot of options to choose from. More than choosing simply, it is important to choose wisely.

The following Archero Tier List will provide a clear perception in choosing the best Bracelet in fighting your monster. It also helps you to identify the Bracelets that are not useful. So that, you can keep them out of your inventory.

Bracelet NamesTier
Frozen Bracelet1
Invincible Bracelet1
Quickshot Bracelet2
Thunder Bracelet2
Blazing Bracelet3
Split Bracelet3

Archero Best Lockets Tier List

Archero: Best Locket Tier List
Archero: Best Locket Tier List

Have you heard about the power of the Lockets in the Archero game? They are important, as the best Locket provides you with various abilities to increase your power. So, our best locket tier list will help you to decide the best and useful items to use in your inventory. Make use of the following Archero Tier List to determine how lockets have an effect on the characters that you choose for your fight.

Angel Locket1
Agile Locket1
Piercer Locket2
Bloodthirsty Locket2
Iron Locket3
Bulletproof Locket3

Archero Best Pets Tier List

Archero: Best Pets Tier List
Archero Tier List

As in the real world, pets provide protection and increases the chance of winning in the virtual world too. Yes, the Archero Tier List also includes an item known as pets that you can use include in your inventory. Chiefly, this too comprises the pets into three tiers. Tier 1 to Tier 3.

The power and efficiency depend upon the best pet you choose from. The following Archero Tier List of the best pets in the Archero game will let you know and make you choose the best pet that you can choose out of the average.

Laser Bat1
Flaming Ghost1
Noisy Owl2
Scythe Mage3
Living Bomb3

Archero Best Spellbook Tier List

Archero: Best Spellbook Tier List
Archero Tier List

Do you love and hope in magic? Then make sure you know about the spellbook item in the Archero game. Yes, Spellbook is one of the important items that you have to consider adding to your inventory. Because it gives you more and unique magical abilities that may help your archer hero to win the battle. Make sure you choose the best item from the Archero Tier List given below.

SpellBook Tier
Art of Combat Spellbook1
Enlightenment Spellbook2
Arcane Adventure2
Ice Realm2

Archero Best Ability Tier List

Archero: Best Ability Tier List
Archero Tier List

As we have seen in the introduction, abilities play a major role in addition to the heroes. Because by adding certain abilities to your hero the chance of victory will be high. Like the above-given tiers, this too has a lot of items to choose from. And specifically, they are being grouped into certain tiers and the list has been given below for your reference.

Ability Tier
Extra Life0
Front Arrow +10
Invincibility Star1
Slow Projectile1
Dodge Master1
Attack Plus1
Crit Plus1
Speed Plus1
HP Gain Aura2
Strong Heart2
Spirit Blaze2
Speed Aura2
Spirit Freeze2
Crit Aura2
Attack Boost2
Crit Master2
Through The Wall3
Shield Guard3
Water Walker3
Bouncy Ball3
Piercing Shot3
Diagonal Arrows3
HP Plus4
Attack Speed Boost4
Holy Touch4
Dark Touch4
HP Boost4
Poison Touch5
Spirit Bolt5
Spirit Poisoned Touch5
Blazing Star5
Frost Star5
Toxic Star5
Bolt Star5
Blazing Meteor6
Frost Meteor6
Toxic Meteor6
Bolt Meteor6
Fire Strike6
Frost Strike6
Toxic Strike6
Bolt Strike6
Spirit Multi-Shot7
Spirit Front Arrow7
Rear Arrow7
Side Arrow7
Chilling Blast7
Death Bomb7
Circles (Fire, Bolt, Toxic, Freeze)7
Swords (Fire, Bolt, Toxic, Freeze)7
Death Nova7
Shadow Clown7
Summon One-Eyed Bat7


What is mean by Tier in Archero?

It is important to know the tier because it helps you to choose the best items like heroes, items, abilities that you can use in your inventory.

How do Archero Tier List works?

Chiefly, it comprises a list of items and characters ranging from the strongest to the weakest. By which you can choose the best hero and place in your inventory to make your battle more effective and powerful.


The article about Archero Tier List gets to an end here. This is all about the Archero Tier List that you need to know. Of course, it is one of the best mobile-based arcade games in the market. Trying to be the best arcade player?

Then it is important to know the types of heroes, abilities, and other items that are present in the game. I hope you found this article useful and satisfactory. Make use of the above-given article about Archero Tier List to become the best archer hero.

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