Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform?

Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform in 2023? [PC, Xbox One, PS,& Switch]

Assetto Corsa Cross Platform: Cross Platform is a fantastic feature that allows gamers to play online multiplayer more feasibly. So, of course, we could notice the launch of more online video games at this point. Among them, most of the games are made to be console-only games.

The result of console-only games leads to eliminating PC players. Even though most of the population has started using consoles, some gamers have a PC as their primary device for gaming. In that sense, the Cross Platform play paves the possibility for both PC and console players to play together.

We are here to discuss the Assetto Corsa video game concerning the crossplay feature. Yes, most of you would already be playing it or a newbie to this game. In brief, Assetto Corsa is a car simulator video game that makes you experience realistic car racing.

This desired game allows you to use a wide range of peripherals for gaming. In addition to the single and multiplayer modes, you also have both online and offline gameplay with the Assetto Corsa game. If that sounds interesting, join us in the following section to find whether Assetto Corsa Cross-Platform in 2023?

What is Assetto Corsa?

In simple words, Assetto Corsa is an online car simulator video game. It was launched in 2014. The main motto behind developing this game was to deliver the most realistic car racing game. In that sense, this excellent Assetto Corsa game was developed by Kunos Simulazioni and has been published by 505 games.

In 2014, this desired game was made available on Microsoft Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One with the initial release. So, yes, what you are thinking is correct. But, unfortunately, the Assetto Corsa game is unavailable on the latest consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Apart from that, this game includes a full-fledged customization feature to customize your vehicle as you wish. You will experience driving many exclusive supercars in legendary tracks. The advanced game engine is proposed to recreate an immersive gameplay environment by providing dynamic lighting and realistic surfaces.

The possibility behind providing realistic gameplay is that the developer of this game has worked with real-world racers and racing teams. Furtherly, the tracks have been reproduced using laser scan technology.

As a result, now we have accurate real-world racing environments in a simulator car racing game. Furthermore, even though the Assetto Corsa was slightly an older game, it supports various peripherals like a mouse, keyboard,  joystick, steering wheels, and gamepads.

In addition to that, this game is also compatible with future gaming equipment like Oculus, VR, Track IR, 3D vision, and triple monitor view. The most exciting part of this fantastic game is that it supports offline gameplay and single, multiplayer modes. Indeed, your ultimate goal in this game is to win the race by depleting other players.

Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform in 2023?

Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform?
Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform?

No, the Assetto Corsa does not include cross platform play in 2023. This means that players can’t crossplay this game using different gaming platforms. So, for example, if you are playing the Assetto Corsa game on PS4 and your friend is playing the same game on Xbox One, you both can’t play the game together.

As of now, this game is only available on Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One devices. Therefore, you can’t access and play this respective Assetto Corsa game on the latest-gen consoles like Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

As this game doesn’t even include the cross-platform feature, it is unfair to expect cross-progression and cross-gen features with this game. The reason might be that the developer would have thought the crossplay feature would not be fair for all players.

Of course, this desired game supports all the peripherals to play the game. However, it is not possible to cross play the Assetto Corsa game across multiple platforms at this point.

In case if the developer has provided the cross platform play feature with this game, players with different gaming platforms could have played the game together. Indeed the cross platform play requires a robust server that could tackle the traffic produced by the platforms during the gameplay.

In addition to that, providing cross play support requires consistent support from the developer. Only then the players on crossplay can enjoy seamless gameplay. The following section of this article helps you understand the possible devices to have Assetto Corsa Cross Platform.

Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform PC and Xbox One?

Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform PC & Xbox One?
Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform PC & Xbox One?

No, Assetto Corsa is not cross play compatible across PC and Xbox One. The previous point states that you cannot match and play the Assetto Corsa game with an Xbox One player if you are a PC player. This is because the desired game lacks native cross platform play support. Therefore, we must wait until the developer provides the cross play feature to play the Assetto Corsa game across many devices.

Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform PC and PS4/PS5?

No, the Assetto Corsa Cross Platform is impossible across PC and PS4/PS5. This means that players with two consoles, PC and PS4/PS5, cannot join and play together. Of course, the Assetto Corsa is available on both PC and PS4. You people can try playing the game in the single-player mode.

Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform PS4 and Xbox One?

Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform PS4 & Xbox One?
Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform PS4 & Xbox One?

The answer is again a No. Indeed the Assetto Corsa game does not include cross play across PS4 and Xbox One consoles. In simple words, as a PS4 player, you can’t cross play the Assetto Corsa game with an Xbox One player. You can either play with the gamers who own the same type of console, or you have to go with the single-player gameplay.

Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform PS4 and PS5?

No. The Assetto Corsa game is not cross playable across PS4 and PS5. This is because the desired game does not include the crossplay and cross-gen play feature. As a result, players with two different gen consoles, like PS4 and PS5, cannot join together to play the game with or against each other.


Is Assetto Corsa Cross Platform PC and Nintendo Switch?

No. The significant reason behind the unavailability of cross platform play across PC and Nintendo Switch is that the Assetto Corsa game is unavailable on Nintendo Switch. So, eventually, it is impossible to cross the Assetto Corsa game between PC and Nintendo Switch.

Does Assetto Corsa include a Cross-Save feature?

Unfortunately, the Assetto Corsa game does not include the cross-save feature as of now. However, we may receive the desired feature from the developer in the future.


It’s time to pack up the article. I hope now you have got an idea regarding the Assetto Corsa game and how to cross play it at this point. Unfortunately, the desired Assetto Corsa game does not include the Cross Platform play feature.

As a result players with different types of gaming systems cannot match and play with or against each other. Let’s hope to get the desired cross play feature in the future for the Assetto Corsa game. Until that refer to the above post for more details about the desired Assetto Corsa Cross Platform game and its features.

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