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Cradles Roblox ID Code | Sub Urban Song

Cradles Roblox ID Code: Every Roblox player would love to listen to songs while playing their favorite games. Of course, Roblox is one of the legit online gaming platforms. You can access the respective Roblox platform from both smartphone and PC. In addition to playing games, you can also create your games on this platform. And that is the main highlight of this platform.

This is the only game that gamers of every age love to play. There will be applicable content for every age group. Speaking about the types, the Roblox platform includes varieties of games like racing video games, role-playing games, & strategy simulation games.

While playing games on Roblox it would be nice to have some energetic songs playing in the background. In such a case, the song ‘Cradles’ by Sub Urban is one of the best options to consider adding to your Roblox account.

Namey it increases your concentration and improves your gaming skills. Certainly, the thing is that you will require a specific Cradles Roblox ID Code to get this song on your game. If you are wondering to get the song on Roblox then keep reading the following article.

What is Cradles Roblox ID Code?

What is Cradles Roblox ID Code?
What is Cradles Roblox ID Code?

As we have seen in the introduction, Cradles is one of the popular songs by Sub Urban. I know many of the Roblox players will be looking for this song desperately. Chiefly this song has made Sub Urban popular wide around the world. The song Cradles has been released in the year 2019.

And it has become instantly popular among the fans of Sub Urban and most of the Roblox gamers. Speaking about this song’s popularity, the song Cradles have crossed 400 million views on YouTube. Accordingly, many Roblox players have been looking for the Cradles Roblox ID Code to add and listen to this song to their accounts.

By the way, what is the Cradles Roblox ID Code? Well, a Roblox ID for the song Cradles is a peculiar identification number that is made up of a combination of numbers. Likewise, every song has a specific number to activate the particular song on your account.

The main highlight of this song is that it is both composed and sung by Sub Urban itself. Chiefly it is another feature that makes this song popular among his fans. I know you will be looking for the Roblox ID Code to activate the Cradles song. So without any further delay, let’s explore the codes in the following section.

Cradles Roblox ID Code List

Cradles Roblox ID Code List
Cradles Roblox ID Code List

The song Cradles by Sub Urban is popular for its catchy lines and powerful tunes. If you are looking for the specific Roblox ID Code to add to this song Roblox then, you are in the right place. Of course, most of the players and even non-gamers will have the habit of listening to songs while playing games.

In such a case, you can consider playing the Cradles song by Sub Urban in the background. As many remixes were done in the Cradles song there are many Roblox ID Codes present. For your convenience, we have collected all the codes and included them in the following list.

Song VersionRoblox ID
Cradles Roblox ID 2908721473
Sub Urban: Cradles (instrumental) 3217606560
Sub Urban: Cradles (slowed version) 3203746378
Sub Urban: Cradles (anime version) 3202880165
Sub Urban: Cradles (clean)5710765316
Sub Urban: Cradles (remix)3965245429
Sub Urban: Cradles (instrumental beats)4624419371

How to Use Cradles Roblox ID Code?

How to Use Cradles Roblox ID Code?
How to Use Cradles Roblox ID Code?

As I have said, Cradles is one of the most popular songs of Sub Urban in 2019. Many people have been looking for methods to get this song on their accounts. If you are one among them wondering about the methods you are in the right place.

This segment of this content provides the content that you were searching for for a long time. With the following steps, I’ll show you the methods to add and listen to the desired song using Cradles Roblox ID Code.

Step 1:

Initially, you have to get in any one of the Roblox games that you desire to play.

Step 2:

In the next step, open the boombox window which allows you to play the song that you wish.

Step 3:

On successfully opening the Boombox folder copy and paste the Cradles Roblox ID Code from the list given above.

Step 4:

The final step is to enjoy playing the game with your friends by playing the song in the background.

Why do Roblox Players Use Cradles Roblox ID Code?

The primary reason why Robloxians use Cradles Roblox ID Code is to have fun and excitement while playing the games on Roblox. It creates more awfulness while playing with our friends. Certainly, the reason could be that it helps us to maintain concentration and increase creativity during the gameplay.

Especially this will be very useful when you are in a tough situation in a game or when you feel tired. As the lyrics and tunes in this song are very catchy and attractive, every Roblox player will have eager to listen to this song.

Unlike other online games, in Roblox, you don’t need a separate mobile device to play the song. You can directly add the Cradles song to your game and play it simultaneously in the background.

Significantly, the Cradles Roblox ID Code will act as a motivation in completing many quests and missions in the game you play. You can never ever go wrong by choosing the Cradles song for your gameplay.


This is all about the Cradles song and the Cradles Roblox ID Code List that you need to know. Apparently, the Cradles song by Sub Urban is one of the best songs and has placed top in the US Billboard in 2019.

This song includes very catchy lyrics and powerful tunes that will wander over your mind whenever you choose to play games on Roblox. The above-given list includes all the original and remixed song versions of the Cradles song.

Just by entering the appropriate code on the Boombox, you are all set to listen to the popular song simultaneously while playing games on Roblox. Make use of the above article for the Cradles and the Roblox ID Code to add to your Roblox account.

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