Dragon Ball Legends Tier List

Dragon Ball Legends Tier List | Best Teams & Characters

Dragon Ball Legends Tier List: Are you ready to get the ultimate Dragon Ball Experience? Yes, Dragon Ball Legends is now available as a new mobile game. Now you can experience the ultimate Dragon Ball gameplay on your mobile device. Chiefly, the game is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Sadly, it is not available on any gaming consoles at this point.

Moving on to the desired game, it is a newcomer that has been set in the Dragon Ball Universe. Certainly, it is a gacha game that contains both RPG and actual fighting game mechanics. Here the main focus of the game is towards PvP. In clear words, player versus player. By which you can participate in the game with your friends to unlock the ultimate fun.

As it is a highly skill-based game winning is not easy as it sounds. So we have bought a tier list by ranking the players in the game. Chiefly the ranking is made based on their abilities, powers, and gameplay quality. So keep reading the complete article to find out which is the best character in the Dragon Ball Legends game.

What is Dragon Ball Legends?

In simple words, Dragon Ball Legends is a fighting game with an anime art style. It is a card-based game that is available to play on both Android and iOS platforms. This game has been developed and published by Bandai Namco Studios. As it is a card game, players will have 3 cards while participating in a battle.

The same rule applies to your opponent too. Kudos to the developer who made this game possible to play in a smartphone environment. Ultimately the goal of the game is to deplete your enemy’s energy bar by using various attacks and combos. Chiefly the cards are the main roleplayers in the battle. A player’s victory is determined when he defeats all the three cards of his enemy.

Each player will get their turn to attack using the front row or by using their skills and combos. By attacking the opponent’s card and depleting its energy you can knock that particular card out of the game. But winning the battle is not easy as it sounds. You have to choose the best character to increase the chance of winning.

For that, initially, you have to be clear with the characters and their powers that are present in the game. In such a case, the game requires high skills to defeat your opponent. So, without any further delay let’s explore the best characters and their powers in the following Dragon Ball Legends Tier List.

Dragon Ball Legends Tier List 2023

Dragon Ball Legends Tier List
Dragon Ball Legends Tier List

Are you looking for the best methods and tactics to attain victory in the Dragon Ball Legends game? Then a detailed tier list is a thing that you need at this point. Because by selecting a perfect character to fight in the battle you can easily increase the chance of winning.

In that case, the following tier list provides you details of all characters and their useful skills for an ideal gameplay experience. Because it is essential to know what card offers the maximum damage, utility, more combos, and many useful skills. Furtherly, a tier list is a table where the characters in a fighting game will be arranged gradually according to the power they possess.

You may wonder about the purpose of this raking process. But it largely helps players to decide the character and the power they want to master. By focusing on the perfect character you can easily defeat your opponent and level up yourself in the game. Because often we will be searching for the low ranked opponent to get an easy victory.

So hereafter you can battle with an equal-powered opponent. Additionally, if you are a beginner the tier list helps you to decide which character list you should focus on mastering. More clearly it helps you figure out where the best and the worst characters are present in the game. Furtherly the experienced players can make use of the tier list to look at cards that offer them the most useful skills, more damage, and utility.

By which they can have ideal gameplay in every battle they participate in. Notably, the Dragon Ball Legends Tier List ranges from S to E category. Of course, the S category contains the best and the strongest players. On the other hand, the E category contains the Weakest players in the game. Let’s start our tier list with the strongest opponents.

Dragon Ball Legends “S” Tier List

Dragon Ball Legends S-Tier List
Dragon Ball Legends S-Tier List

As we see in other fighting games, here too the S tier contains the best and powerful characters in the game. The warriors with great and useful skills are placed in the S tier list. If you are looking to defeat your opponent quickly characters from the S tier are the best option.

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Because they can easily defeat your opponent eventually defending them at the same time. The following Dragon Ball Legends Tier List provides you with the complete guide about the characters in the S tier.

SP Goku BlackGreen
SP Super Saiyan 2 Youth GohanRed
SP Android 18Yellow
SP Super Saiyan 3 GokuPurple
SP Super Saiyan God SS VegitoBlue
SP Perfect Form Cell – RevivedRed
SP Super Saiyan 2 KeflaGreen
SP Android 16Green
SP Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta – FuturePurple
SP Goten – KidYellow
SP LL Vegeta (Majin)Blue
SP Trunks – KidGreen
SP Youth GokuYellow
EX GogetaRed

Dragon Ball Legends “A” Tier List

Dragon Ball Legends A-Tier List
Dragon Ball Legends A-Tier List

The second best choice of characters in the Dragon Ball Legends Tier List would be the A tier. Because the players in this tier can deal great damage to your opponent. Remember that, they are not that much powerful compared to the characters in the S tier. Turn your focus on this tier list to level up your skills in the game. For more details about the characters do follow the below given Dragon Ball Legends Tier List.

SP Demon King PiccoloYellow
SP VegitoYellow
SP Super Saiyan Trunks – Adult RageYellow
SP Super Saiyan BardockBlue
SP BasilBlue
SP Gohan – AdultBlue
SP Youth TrunksBlue
HE World Champion HerculeBlue
SP Android 21Blue
SP Final Form CoolerBlue
SP Fusion ZamasuPurple
SP Android 21 – EvilPurple
SP Teen TrunksPurple
SP Super VegitoPurple
P Super Saiyan 4 GokuPurple
SP LavenderPurple
HE ShallotLight
SP BergamoRed
SP Super Saiyan Teen TrunksRed
SP Super Saiyan God SS VegetaGreen
SP Super Saiyan Goku – RoCGreen
SP Super Kaioken GokuGreen
SP Super Saiyan God SS GokuRed
SP Super Full Power Saiyan 4 GokuGreen
SP Omega ShenronRed
SP Majin Buu – GoodGreen
EX VidelRed
EX NappaRed

Dragon Ball Legends “B” Tier List

Dragon Ball Legends B-Tier List
Dragon Ball Legends B-Tier List

If you have been looking for characters that could provide you with average damage skills, the B tier is the best option. If you are a veteran player losing every single match, consider mastering the skills and moves of players in this tier list.

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Obviously, this is the third-best option of characters that you can consider to have an effective competition. The following Dragon Ball Legends Tier List has the list with updated characters.

EX Legendary Super Saiyan BrolyYellow
SP TurlesYellow
SP PiccoloYellow
SP Final Form Frieza: Full PowerYellow
SP Perfect CellYellow
SP Super Saiyan Youth GohanYellow
SP Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan GokuYellow
SP Syn ShenronYellow
EX RibrianneYellow
SP Saiyan Saga GokuBlue
SP Super Baby 2Blue
EX Android 14Blue
EX RaditzBlue
SP Angry GokuBlue
SP Broly – CheelaiBlue
SP GogetaBlue
SP CoolerPurple
EX Super Saiyan GokuPurple
SP Super Saiyan Kid GotenPurple
SP 1st Form FriezaPurple
SP Full Power BoujackPurple
SP GohanGreen
SP God of Destruction BeerusGreen
SP Golden FriezaGreen
SP GokuGreen
SP Super GogetaGreen

Dragon Ball Legends “C” Tier List

Dragon Ball Legends C-Tier List
Dragon Ball Legends C-Tier List

Are you looking for a character that could help you in critical conditions of a battle? Then this tier list won’t suit you. This Dragon Ball Legends Tier List – C grade contains the characters who produce low damage and easy defeat. You can’t expect competitive gameplay by choosing these characters. A complete list of warriors in the C tier lit has been given below for your reference.

SP Super Saiyan God GokuPurple
EX Gohan – KidPurple
P Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan VegetaPurple
SP VegetaPurple
SP Super Trunks PurplePurple
SP Goku BlackPurple
SP Android 17Purple
SP Super JanembaRed
SP Kakarot GokuRed
SP VegitoRed
SP Android 18Red
SP Fusion Android 13Red
SP Hero TapionRed
SP Ultimate Gohan Absorbed Buu – SuperGreen
SP Super 17Green
SP Super Saiyan Teen GohanGreen
EX Super VegetaGreen
SP Super Saiyan 3 GokuGreen
SP Android 14Green
SP RaditzGreen
SP Baby VegetaGreen
SP MaiGreen
SP Gotenks Absorbed Buu – SuperBlue
SP Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan GokuBlue
SP Super Saiyan VegetaBlue
SP Android 13Blue
SP Legendary Super Saiyan BrolyBlue

Dragon Ball Legends “D” Tier List

Dragon Ball Legends D-Tier List
Dragon Ball Legends D-Tier List

If you are a beginner trying to learn the gameplay experience then you can consider the characters in this tier. There is a reason why I’m saying this. Because the characters in this tier do not possess any skills.

So you can’t defeat your strong opponent by choosing the characters from the D tier. Make use of the following Dragon Ball Legends Tier List – D grade to know the characters that are present in this tier list.

SP Buu – KidRed
SP GokuRed
SP Super Saiyan GokuRed
SP Super GogetaRed
SP Super Saiyan God God GokuRed
SP Super Saiyan VegetaRed
SP RibrianneBlue
SP 1st Form FriezaBlue
SP Super Namekian Lord SlugBlue
SP Kaioken GokuBlue
SP Super Saiyan Teen GohanBlue
SP HitYellow
SP RozieYellow
SP Super Saiayan 3 GotenksYellow
SP Super Saiyan VegetaYellow
SP Otherworld Super Saiyan GokuYellow
SP Super Saiyan God VegetaYellow
SP BoujackYellow
SP Super Saiyan Kid TrunksYellow
SP Kid GohanYellow
SP VidelYellow
SP KakunsaPurple
SP Young NappaPurple
SP Super Saiyan BrolyPurple
SP Buu – SuperPurple
SP Android 15Purple
SP ChilledPurple
SP Super Saiyan GotenksPurple
SP Super JanembaPurple
SP 1st Form CellGreen
SP Super Saiyan Kid GokuGreen
SP Legendary Super Saiyan BrolyGreen
SP Captain GinyuGreen
SP CoolerGreen
SP Super Saiyan Kid GotenGreen

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Dragon Ball Legends “E” Tier List

Dragon Ball Legends E-Tier List
Dragon Ball Legends E-Tier List

Sadly, you can’t use the characters in this E-tier list for any offense or defense purposes. On contrary, they can be used as supporting characters. Their skills only work when other cards have the same abilities. So if you are planning to include them in a competitive battle with a strong opponent, it is not the right choice. Do follow the below-given Dragon Ball Legends Tier List just to keep these characters out of your inventory.

SP Great Saiyaman 2Red
SP Broly – FuryRed
SP Hyper Meta-RilldoRed
SP Super Saiyan Berserk KaleRed
SP Super Saiyan God God GokuRed
SP Goku Captain GinyuRed
SP ZamasuRed
SP Metal CoolerRed
SP Yardrat Super Saiyan GokuRed
SP PikkonRed
SP Super Saiyan 3 GokuRed
SP Majin VegetaRed
SP Ultimate GohanGreen
SP Youth Bunny Girl BulmaGreen
SP Super Saiyan CabbaGreen
SP GotenksGreen
SP PiccoloGreen
SP VegetaGreen
SP BardockGreen
SP Chi-ChiGreen
SP Super Saiyan GokuGreen
SP Super TrunksGreen
SP Super Saiyan TrunksBlue
SP Fused with Kami PiccoloBlue
SP Youth BulmaBlue
SP Android 18Blue
SP PanBlue
SP KrillinBlue
SP Super Saiyan GokuBlue
SP King of the Demon Realm DaburaBlue
SP GokuBlue
SP Super Saiyan 2 CauliflaPurple
SP Great Saiyaman 1Purple
SP TurlesPurple
SP GokuPurple
SP Super Saiyan Vegeta 2Purple
SP Taitans YamchaPurple


Which tier list includes the best characters in Dragon Ball Legends Tier List?

Of course, the top tier – S grade contains the best and the strongest characters that can beat anyone in the battle. These characters have both offending and defending skills that serve as the biggest advantage to gain victory in any battle you participate in.

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Is Dragon Ball Legends game available on PC?

At this point, the desired game is only available on Android and iOS platforms. You can use an emulator to play Dragon Ball Legends on your PC.


It’s time to pack up the article. As we have seen, Dragon Ball Legends is one of the amazing and competitive games. The best part is the game can be played on both Android and iOS platforms without any trouble. But knowing the characters and what they can do is more essential in increasing your victory percentage. Make use of the above-given article for a complete guide about the Dragon Ball Legends Tier List. I hope you will be satisfied and clear with everything that you need to know about Dragon Ball Legends Tier List.

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