Is Dying Light Cross-Platform in 2022? [PC, PS, Xbox, & Switch]

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Dying Light Cross-Platform: Are you bored of playing common games that too in a confined environment? Here comes the relief for you. I hope most of you will love playing horror and shooting games. If so, Dying Light is the perfect game for you.

Chiefly it is a horror-filled survival game that is now available for gamers. By which you can easily get rid of this irritating pandemic lockdown. From the first-person perspective, you will be given the role of an undercover agent.

Welcome to Techlatern

Welcome to Techlatern x
Welcome to Techlatern

In which your main objective is to defeat the fatal and aggressive zombies in a city named Harran. Mainly the gameplay is focused on weapon-based combat and it allows players to fight or flight when presented with danger. Furtherly the main question among the gamers’ community was, is Dying Light Cross-Platform?

Because cross-platform gaming allows players to connect and play with their friends irrespective of the device and distance. Nowadays you can find that the craze for cross-platform games is very high. So, without any further delay let’s dig out the answer to this query.

What is Dying Light?

This Dying Light is a horror and survival video game. This game has been developed by Techland and was published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is an Open World Zombie game that has been set in a place called Harran. Chiefly it is an action-adventure game that features both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The game has been set in an urban environment where you have to be very careful while wandering around. To be careful with what? Well, with the zombies. Yes, as we are aware of Zombies will be aware only at night. Certainly, as a player, you will be playing from the first-person perspective.

In addition, the game contains many elements like leveling up the character, upgrading, and managing your inventory. Notably, the zombies will be slow and clumsy in the daytime and will be more aggressive in the nighttime. So the player must search for weapons or they have to create one to fight off the enemies.

Furtherly the story of this game has been inspired by the Heart of Darkness, and The Plague. At this point, the game is been available on various gaming platforms like Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and so on.

In this game Dying Light you also get various side quests that help you earn additional special rewards. Furtherly that leads you to the next level to explore more zombies and dangers. With its amazing realistic design, visual, satisfying gameplay Dying Light has received many favorable reviews from critics.

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform in 2021?

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform?
Is Dying Light Cross-Platform?

In simple words, Dying Light is not cross-platform at this point. This means players with various gaming platforms cannot join and play together. Because the developer of this game has not enabled cross-play access for this game. More clearly, if you are a PC player you can’t connect to the Xbox One server to play the game with your friend.

As a result, you are subjected to playing with another PC player. Likewise, this situation leads every gamer to search for the opposite player with the same console type. This seems to be a major downside in the game Dying Light at this point.

Because at present, cross-platform is one of the expected features of gamers that helps them to play with their friends regardless of the time, place, and distance. Of course, there are several reasons that why the developer has not provided the cross-play feature for this game. Let’s see the benefits if we would have got the cross-play facility with the Dying Light game.

  • The primary benefit is playing with our friends using different platforms.
  • The next benefit is for the developer. Yes, the cross-platform facility will increase the space for gamers.
  • Eventually purchasing one copy of the game is enough to play between two people.
  • There will be no need to create or buy multiple copies of the game.
  • The rate of optimization would be large as many gamers will be giving their input.
  • No need of eliminating certain players in terms of non-compatible devices.

Unfortunately, we have no cross-platform support in the Dying Light game. Let’s hope that the developers will provide and we will get our desired feature in the future. Until that let’s see what are platforms are compatible with Dying Light Cross-Platform in the following content.

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform across Xbox One and PC?

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform Xbox One & PC?
Is Dying Light Cross-Platform Xbox One & PC?

No. Dying Light Cross-Platform is not possible across Xbox One and PC devices. This means a player on an Xbox One cannot play against a PC player in any way. So that both the players cannot play together. This is a great disadvantage because it limits the potential of users to join and play across various devices. As a result, both the players have to search for the opponent players with the same type of devices.

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform across PC and PS4?

Unfortunately, No. The game Dying Light is not cross-platform across PC and PS4. This means this game is not compatible with cross-play against two different devices like PC and PS4. They are completely different in build, architecture, and service providers. By which it becomes impossible to join and play across PC and PS4. More clearly, PC players cannot connect and play with PS4 console users.

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Is Dying Light Cross-Platform across Xbox One and PS4?

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform Xbox One & PS4?
Is Dying Light Cross-Platform Xbox One & PS4?

Obviously, No. It is not possible to have cross-platform across Xbox One and PS4. Because both PS4 and Xbox One will be having different builds. Both the devices are running on different servers. By which it is not possible to connect the different platforms on a single server. This means an Xbox One player cannot join and play with a PS4 player.

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform across PS4 and PS5?

Surprisingly, Yes. It is possible to have Dying light cross-platform across PS4 and PS5 consoles. This means a PS4 player can easily join and play with a PS5 player and vice versa. Certainly, it enables the players to join with various players from various places. By which there will be no need to eliminate certain players showing the unavailability of devices.

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Is Dying Light Cross-Platform across Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S?

Of course, Yes. At this point, it is possible to have cross-play across Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. This means an Xbox One player can connect and play with an Xbox Series X/S user and vice versa. So if your friend is owning a series of Xbox consoles you both can easily join a battle across the same platforms.


Is Dying Light Cross-Platform across PC and Switch?

Dying Light game is officially available on various devices including PC and Nintendo Switch. But it is not possible to have cross-play across both PC and Nintendo Switch consoles. In that case, both the players have to go with the opponents who own the same device type.

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform across PS4 and Switch?

No, Dying Light Cross-Platform is not possible across PS4 and Switch. Of course, you can install and play the official game on both devices separately using the Single-player mode. But it is not possible to play across both the devices on the same server.

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I hope the above-given content on Dying Light Cross-Platform is useful and satisfactory. Well, this is all that you need to know about Dying Light and the cross-play availability. As many players are expecting cross-platform support, it is hard to believe that cross-platform is not available on Dying Light. For more details about the Dying Light game and Dying Light Cross-Platform availability, make use of the above-given content.

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