Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform?

Is Elden Ring Cross Platform in 2022? [PC, PS, Xbox, & Switch]

Elden Ring Cross Platform: Do you have a craze for online video games? Are you been playing online games for a long time? Then, you might have known or heard about cross-platform gaming.

Yes, cross-platform gaming is one of the most trending features in the gaming arena. It helps in a great way for gamers to connect with each other irrespective of the device they use for gaming.

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The main highlight is that players with two different gaming platforms can join and play without any hassle. Because there will be working a cross-platform server that helps them to connect and play seamlessly.

In reference to cross-platform gaming, we will be discussing the Elden Ring game that is going to launch in the upcoming year. Seemingly, it is a role-playing game that takes place in an epic fantasy world. Obviously, this could be the next masterpiece of Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Are you one of the population who have been waiting for its launch, join hands to explore together. More than expecting its launch many people are asking that, is Elden Ring Cross-Platform? Let’s explore answers to both the queries in the following post.

About ‘Elden Ring’

In short, Elden Ring is an action-based role-playing game that is going to release in 2022. Eventually, this game was developed by FromSoftware and is going to be published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

I hope you will be familiar with Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is one of the popular multinational video game publishers. Coming to the point, this game Elden Ring has been seen as the spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series.

The test play of the Elden Ring has received many optimistic reviews from numerous players. Talking about the compatible devices, this game is expected to launch for Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, & PS5.

Of course, this game is going to be launched in 2022 but it has created a big craze among gamers. This game is scheduled to support both single-player and multiplayer modes. So, there are many chances to join and play with more players either online or offline.

Of course, you can also play alone in single-player mode if you wish. Now coming to the gameplay, it is not like fighting and shooting games. Rather it is a role-playing action game that will be played from the third-person perspective.

Apart from that, the gameplay focuses on combat and exploration. As said by the director of this game, the player will start with nothing but a set of rules. As time passes, the player will be allowed to move freely and explore the six main areas in the game.

Relating to the epic tales the areas are designed as Castles, Fortresses, and Catacombs that are scattered all over the game map. This is all referring to the gameplay. Now let’s find out whether Elden Ring is going to be cross-play or not in the following segment.

Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform in 2022?

Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform?
Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform?

Well, the answer to this question is No. This means players playing on different gaming consoles cannot cross-play this game in any way. Speaking about the compatible devices, the game version is available on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

On hearing this every gamer’s intuition might surely expect this game to be cross-play compatible. To go by the reality, this game is not available for cross-platform play. For example, if one player is playing this game on PC and the other player is playing on a console, then both players cannot join and play together.

This statement would be very much disappointing for many gamers who are expecting to play this respective game with their friends online. The reason may be that the developer of this game may not interested in allowing players to cross-play across different platforms. Certainly, there could be many reasons behind not providing cross-play support for this game. Following are a few among them.

  • The first reason is that it demands too much effort from the developer’s side to enable cross-play across all the compatible platforms.
  • In addition to that, the developers of the respective game have to keep the game version updated to enjoy seamless gameplay.
  • Thirdly, the Cross-Platform is the server that connects and maintains the cross-play between two different gaming systems. So that server should be strong to tackle and withstand the traffic lifted while gaming.

The only best part about cross-platform with this game is that you can play this game across consoles belonging to the same family. Let’s explore more about that in the below-given segment.

Is Elden Ring Cross Platform PC and Xbox One?

Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform PC & Xbox One?
Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform
PC & Xbox One?

No, the game Elden Ring is not available for cross-play across PC & Xbox One consoles. It means that players using PC and Xbox One devices cannot cross-play the game at this point. This is because the game does not include the native cross-play feature to play this game on multiple platforms.

Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform PS4/PS5 & PC?

The answer to this question is again a No. This is because the developers have not included the cross-play support in this game as of now. By which it becomes impossible for a PS4/PS5 player to join and match with a PC player. But the best thing is that this game is available to play individually on both PC and PS4/PS5.

Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform PS4 and Xbox One?

Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform PS4 & Xbox One?
Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform
PS4 & Xbox One?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cross-play the Elden Ring Cross-Platform game across PS4 and Xbox One. In simple words, if you are a PS4 player then you cannot cross-play the respective game with an Xbox One player.

Is Elden Ring Cross Platform PS4 and PS5?

Yes, the Elden Ring Cross-Platform is possible across PS4 and PS5. This is because this game includes playing across cross-generation consoles. In simple terms, a PS4 player who has the Elden Ring game can play this game with another player who has the PS5 device.

Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S?

Surprisingly, Yes. The Elden Ring Cross-Platform is compatible across Xbox One and Xbox  Series X/S. This means that players who use two different gen consoles from the same family can cross-play the Elden Ring game. In simple words, an Xbox One user can easily cross-play the Elden Ring Cross-Platform game with an Xbox Series X/S user.


Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform PC and Nintendo Switch?

No, it is not possible to cross-play the Elden Ring game across PC and Nintendo Switch. It means that a player with a PC cannot join and play with a Nintendo Switch user in any way.

Does Elden Ring include Co-op gameplay?

Yes, as included in the previous games, the Elden Ring game does include co-op gameplay support. By which you can join offline with 2 to 4 members and enjoy the gameplay together.


This is all about the Elden Ring game and its features. I hope that now you would have got a clear idea of cross-playing the Elden Ring game with your friends. Yes, of course, this game is going to be launched in 2022.

As of now, the developers have not surely said to include the cross-platform play support for this game. Refer to the post that is given above for new updates regarding the Elden Ring Cross-Platform game.

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