Heather Roblox ID Code List

Heather Roblox ID Code | Conan Gray Song

Heather Roblox ID Code: At this point, most of you will be familiar with the popular gaming platform Roblox. Yes, it is popular because of the features it provides with the user-friendly theme. A short introduction to the people who are unaware of this amazing gaming space.

Certainly, this has come for use in 2004. It became an instant hit among the gamers community. It has many useable features like free-to-play games, creating your own avatar for you with many customization options.

Furtherly it also allows you to interact with your friends in multiple ways. One of the mind-blowing features of the Roblox platform is adding songs to the games that we play. Sounds amazing, right? Yes, it allows you to add your favorite songs to the games that you play on Roblox.

Among such songs, “Heather” is one of the most searched songs in recent times by Roblox players. Certainly, it is one of his hit songs and in this post, we will show you how to add Heather Roblox ID Code to your Roblox account. So keep reading.

What is Heather Roblox ID Code?

What is Heather Roblox ID Code?
What is Heather Roblox ID Code?

In simple words, Heather is a popular folk song by Conan Gray. Of course, most of you will be known to Conan Gray, a popular American singer, and songwriter. And of course, Conan Gray is a social media influencer too. He has given many hit songs and Heather is one among them.

This track has been sponsored and released by Republic Records. Certainly, the original track of the song ‘Heather’ has been published on his debut album ‘Kid Krow’. Consequently, this song has gained huge popularity on Tik Tok, a video-sharing platform.

And it also has gained some attention in the meme segment for the word Heather. As the word, Heather is used to mentioning the name of a girl. On the commercial side, this song has been placed in the 46th position in US Billboard top 100.

Most of the players on Roblox have been searching for Heather Roblox ID Code. As listening to this song improves their creativity and enhances gameplay skills. If you are wondering how to add this song to your Roblox games continue reading the article.

Heather Roblox ID Code List 2021

Heather Roblox ID Code List
Heather Roblox ID Code List

In this pandemic, we have got a lot of free time. Luckily we have Roblox. Even though we have millions of games on Roblox, sometimes we may feel bored by playing the games for a long time. At such times, it is good to listen to our favorite songs like ‘Heather by Conan Gray’.

Yes, it is one of the amazing songs by Conan Gray that you can listen to while playing your favorite games on Roblox. Chiefly it not only gives you a soothing effect by also improves your gameplay experience by increasing your concentration power. It is possible by adding the Heather Roblox ID Code to your Roblox games.

Namely, Heather Roblox ID Code is a set of unique identification numbers. It allows you to add the desired song version of Heather on your Roblox game as you wish. Choose your favorite version of Heather Roblox ID Code from the below-given list to enjoy it while playing Roblox games.

Song VersionRoblox ID
Heather Roblox Song ID 5225992930
heather (slowed - reverb) 5694923010
Heather x Eyes Blue (Remix) 6103153722
Heather (Lyrics) - Female Version (CUT) 6112960242
heather - Conan gray (acoustic)5670739689

How to Use Heather Roblox ID Code?

How to Use Heather Roblox ID Code?
How to Use Heather Roblox ID Code?

If you have been wondering how to add the above given Heather Roblox ID Code, this method is for you. Heather is one of the best songs that you have to consider listening to while you play games on the Roblox platform.

The Roblox ID Code is nothing but a key to access the desired song on the games that you play. Certainly, the below-given steps give you the guide to add and use the Heather Roblox ID Code. Initially choose your favorite song from the above-given list and continue with the steps.

  • Firstly, launch a Roblox game where you are going to add the Heather song.
  • Then, open the Boombox window which allows you to play the song that you add.
  • Now, copy and paste any of the song codes from the list given above.
  • That’s it. Start enjoy Robloxing by listening to the Heather song in the background.

Why do Roblox Players use Heather Roblox ID Code?

The benefits of adding and listening to the Heather song on Roblox are many. From the perception of Roblox players, it can be used to improve their gameplay experience. While from the perception of outsiders, this song could be a mind changer by making them feel better indeed the problems.

Listening to the Heather song can take us to a new world where we can be stress-free and concentrate on the game alone. Indeed the distractions and pressures in the gameplay we can continue playing the game without any problem with our friends.

Some people listen to this song to motivate themselves. Whenever they are in a bad situation or feel low, listening to the Heather song gains their energy and motivation to play better in the game.


It’s time to conclude the article and expand the time of playing games on Roblox. Heather by Conan Gray is a good song to consider to relieve yourself from the game stress and distractions. I hope now you will know about the Heather Roblox ID Code and the methods to add the desired song version to your Roblox games. Make use of the above post to add the Heather Roblox ID Code successfully without any trouble.

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