Is Battlefield 2042 Cross-Platform?

Is Battlefield 2042 Cross-Platform in 2022? [PC, PS4, Xbox]

Battlefield 2042 Cross-Platform: How crazy are you about cross-platform games? As it is one of the upcoming trends in the world of gaming. This pandemic has showcased to us the importance of digital entertainment. Apart from streaming movies and TV shows, games play a major role for young people.

One of the upcoming games that have created great hype among gamers is Battlefield 2042. Generally seeing, it is a first-person shooter game that gives you the experience of playing on a realistic battlefield.

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Battlefield 2042 is the seventeenth installment in the Battlefield series and its been the successor to its predecessor Battlefield 5. It is a multiplayer game that has been set in the near future and also features futuristic weapons and drones.

Unfortunately, this game lacks single-player support. So you will definitely need a crew in order to play the game. Comparing to the previous version the latest version features some of the amazing features like improved graphics and gameplay.

But the question is, whether the game supports cross-platform or not? If you are wondering about this question the following article will give you the perfect answer to resolve your queries.

What is Battlefield 2042?

Basically, Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer first-person shooting game. It is an online simulation game where you can assume yourself as a soldier on a battlefield. This game is set to launch in the year 2021 exactly on November 19.

Chiefly, Battlefield 2042 has been developed by DICE and is going to be published by Electronic Arts{EA}. On the initial launch itself, the desired game will be available for various gaming consoles. Those consoles include Microsoft Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Especially gamers need not worry about the game version compatibility with their consoles. Additionally, Battlefield 5 also supports Steam. So it will be more feasible for gamers to have multiplayer regardless of the devices. Sadly, you don’t have the Single Player mode in this latest game.

As a result, you will definitely have to join with your friends or with a group of players in order to make the game playable. This new expansion includes some exciting features along with the fan-favorite features in the previous versions.

Certainly, the latest version allows gamers to customize their weapon on the spot with the new “Plus” option. This game includes four major gameplay classes. Players can assume command over any of those classes.

Significantly the classes are Assualt, Engineer, Medic, and Recon. In addition to that this game has three gameplay modes. That includes All Out warfare, Breakthrough, and Conquest. The following section will answer your queries on Battlefield 2042 Cross-Platformor not.

Is Battlefield 2042 Cross-Platform?
Is Battlefield 2042 Cross-Platform?

Is Battlefield 2042 Cross-Platform in 2021?

Well, the answer to this question is both Yes and No. The developer of this game has planned to give cross-play for this game but with limited functionality. That is you will have Battlefield beta cross-platform with limited functions.

Chiefly, the cross-play feature is available in two different types. More clearly, for two separate generations of consoles. In the first part, the cross-play support is available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, which is for all the latest gaming consoles. On the other hand, the second cycle of cross-play is available for the previous generation consoles.

That is for PS4 and Xbox One. Players with old versions will be restricted to have cross-play only among those devices. The same restriction applies to the players with the latest generation consoles. In clear words, a PC player can have battles with the players of Xbox Series X/S and PS5 vice versa.

They cannot have cross-play across the players with previous-gen consoles. In the same way, PS4 players can have battles with Xbox One players and vice versa. Similarly, they cannot play with the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players.


Is Battlefield 2042 Cross-Platform with PC and PS4?

No, it is not possible to have cross-platform across PC and PS4. Because the cross-play is not supported across previous gen and the latest gen consoles.

Is Battlefield 2042 Cross-Platform with Xbox One and PC?

Unfortunately, No. At present, it is impossible to have Battlefield 2042 cross-platform across Xbox One and PC.


Well, that is all about the upcoming Battlefield 2042 game and its cross-play availability. I hope you would have got an idea about the Battlefield 2042 Cross-Platform. The developer of this game has allowed us to have cross-play but with limited functions. Make use of the above-given article to gather more details about the desired game till the official release of the game.

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