Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform?

Is Battlefield 5 Cross Platform in 2023?[PC, PS4, & Xbox]

Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform: The craze for multiplayer games is a never-ending story. Speaking about multiplayer games, Cross-Platform has become more popular in the gaming platform. If you have been a fan of cross-platform games then you must be familiar with the Battlefield 5 game.

In case you are well known for the Battlefield 5 game, I hope you may also know its predecessor ‘Battlefield’. The Battlefield 5 game is the latest installment in the Battlefield series. If you love action and shooting games then this game is for you people.

You can recognize it as a shooting game from its name itself. Certainly, the inspiration for this game has been drawn from World War 2 and it has a thematic continuation from World war 1. Furthermore, this game has both single and multiplayer modes.

When it comes to the multiplayer mode the question that is been asked by many people is, is Battlefield 5 cross-platform? If you are also wondering about this question read the complete article to get an answer to your query.

What is Battlefield 5?

Basically, Battlefield 5 is a first-person shooting simulation game. It has been developed by DICE and been published by Electronic Arts(EA). As we see in other shooting games, this game also features, maps, a number of players, and finally the goal for every player.

Especially, the map in this game only includes 64 players and the goal of every player is to win the match by defeating the opponent. As this desired game supports multiplayer, you can even join a crew to defeat the maximum number of enemies.

In addition, you can also create a crew of your own and you can play in a single-player mode if you wish. Whereas the goal of each match depends on the mode that you are in. In addition, this game includes many new multiplayer levels like Continuous campaign mode, Fire Storm, and the Grand operation.

Certainly, the Grand Operation mode is an expansion from the Operation mode in Battlefield 1. Your progress in each level depends on the completion of objectives. Chiefly your performance of each level will influence the fore coming level.

With each game and each episode, you will get a different story campaign that offers a cool and exciting experience every time. The all-new Battlefield 5 comes with improved graphics and mechanics. Furthermore, this game is available on platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and Playstation.

Unlike the other shooting games, here you will find more dialogue than the usual FPS. But there is one same query asked by multiple users is, whether cross-platform is available or not? We will get an answer to this question in the following article.

Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform?
Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform?

Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform?

In simple words, the answer to this question is, NO. I know it will be unbearable news to accept. But it is the reality and we are supposed to go by that. Identically, you can’t have cross-play across various devices like PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

As we all know this game can be played by multiple players on a similar platform. For example, you are a PC player and your friend is also a PC player you both can play together and vice versa. But it is not possible even for a single chance to have cross-platform with the Battlefield 5 game.

This is because the developer of this game, DICE has not enabled the support for cross-platform in this game. As a result, now it is impossible to connect with your friends who are playing the same game on different devices.

Of course, there are several reasons for the unavailability of cross-play features in this game. Some of them are the following,

  • Players with two different devices may get an unfair advantage with the powers.
  • Controllers may vary with each device that may affect the gameplay.
  • It may be a hard task for a developer to publish different game versions for different game consoles.
  • The Developer would like to maintain fair gameplay for each player by restricting cross-play

Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform Xbox and PC?

Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform on Xbox One and PC?
Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform on Xbox One and PC?

Sadly, the answer to this question is NO. At this point, Battlefield V cross-platform is compatible across Xbox and PC. It means a Battlefield 5 player with an Xbox console and the other player with a PC can’t join and play the game together. If you wish to play the game you have to go with the player who owns the same platform as yours.

By which it is slightly impossible to create a community with a diverse group of people. You won’t be able to test your skill set with the players of various skill sets. I know it will be slightly disappointing. But let’s have hope and wait until the developer gives an update.

Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform PC and PS4/PS5?

No, at this point you can’t access cross-platform across PC and PS4/PS5. It means both the players of PC and PS4/PS5 can’t join the game on a single server. Certainly, both the players have to purchase the game separately for their devices. More clearly, a PC player and a Playstation player can’t play together. On the other hand, you can play with the players on the same platforms.

Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform PS4/PS5 and Xbox?

Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform on Xbox One and PS4?
Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform on Xbox One and PS4?

Unfortunately, No. Battlefield V is not cross-play across PS4/PS5 and Xbox consoles. It means you can’t play against the people on different platforms. It is possible only to play against the people of the same platforms. In simple words, a PS4 player cannot join and compete with an Xbox player. As both the game versions are different it is quite impossible.

Is Battlefield 5 CrossPlay PS4 and PS5?

It may be surprising, but the answer is No. We have seen that it is possible to play across the same platforms. But DICE has disabled that support. Now players with the previous generation consoles cannot compete with the players with the new generation consoles. To put it in simple words, Players with the PS4 console can’t play with PS5 console holders.

Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform Xbox One and Xbox Series X\S?

The surprising part with the Battlefield 5 is it is impossible to have cross-platform even across the same platforms. In that sense, an Xbox One player cannot join and play with the Xbox Series X\S players. In case if you are a Steam user you can overcome this issue. Because the Steam platform allows the users to have cross-platform across the devices they desire.


Is Battlefield 5 cross-platform with Switch?

At this point, the Battlefield 5 game is not available for download on Nintendo Switch. you can try using the Steam platform or some other gaming consoles for playing the desired game.

Is Battlefield 5 crossplay PS4 and PS5?

No, it is not possible to have cross-play across the previous generation and the latest generation consoles.

Is Battlefield 5 cross-platform PC & Xbox?

No, at this point it is not possible to use Battlefield cross-play across PC and Xbox. Let’s hope to get it in the future.


To consolidate, Battlefield 5 is one of the amazing and addictive games. I hope you would have got a clear overview of the availability of cross-play with the Battlefield 5 game. It is quite disappointing that the desired game lacks the major feature that is expected by many gamers and fans.

Let’s hope to get a positive update from the developer of this game in the future. Until that make use of the article given above to know more about Battlefield 5 and its compatibility.

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