Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform?

Is Diablo 3 Cross Platform in 2022? [PC, Xbox, PS4]

Diablo 3 Cross-Platform: Welcome to the Diablo world. Get introduced to the world of seven classes. If you have been looking for the best role-playing game, Diablo 3 is the one. Eventually, it is the third installment in the lineup of the Diablo franchise.

If you loving cross-platform games then you will definitely love the Diablo 3 Cross-Platform game. Generally seeing, it is an action-packed role-playing game. Certainly, the game consists of a series of four acts with different storylines.

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The desired game is based on a classic theme that is set in the world of fragile people. In Diablo 3 you can notice an extended level of difficulty with improved graphics and game mechanics. In addition, you have the option to showcase your achievements that will be visible to all the Blizzard players.

Chiefly if you wish you can customize and upgrade your weapons and characters by collecting gems. But the most questionable part of this game is whether cross-platform is available or not. If you are also wondering about this, read the complete article. We will answer this question in the following article.

What is Diablo 3?

In short, Diablo 3 is an action-based first-person hack and slash role-playing game. It has been released in the year 2012 for the first time. If you are an existing player and follower of Diablo you may know that, Diablo 3 is the third installment in the Diablo franchise.

This game has been first launched and made available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X consoles in 2012. In the following years, almost all the gaming consoles got the support to install and play the Diablo 3 game.

Those consoles include PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. So, no matter what type of console you are using it is quite possible to play the Diablo 3 game without any hustle. As we said, our desired game is the third update in the lineup of Diablo games.

So, you can experience the next level of gaming with the improvement in graphics, gameplay, controls, and mechanics. Similar to Diablo 2, the latest version also includes more environmental and monster variety.

Along with that you also get additional diverse classes and more unique equipment. Players can choose a rune or type of class among the given seven. Those seven classes include Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Crusader, Necromancer, Monk, Wizard, and finally Witch Docter.

As a hero, you can make use of the followers as a helping hand if you wish. Overall you will definitely have seamless gameplay with the improved management systems.

Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform?
Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform?

Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform?

Sadly, the Diablo 3 game is not available for cross-platform at this point. As a result, no player can join and play with players of different devices. For example, if you are an Xbox One player you can play with your friend who is using a PS4 console.

This is because the developer of this game, Blizzard Entertainment has not enabled this feature for the Diablo 3 game. Let’s hope to get the desired support in the future. The irony is, this game supports both single-player and multiplayer modes. Then what to do with the multiplayer mode?

Well, indeed the cross-play, it is still possible to access multiplayer across the same platforms. It means if you are a PC player you are only able to play with another PC player and vice versa. The same rule applies to all possible gaming consoles.

The Diablo 3 game provides you the option to share your items with all of your characters just by placing the item on them. Similarly, you will experience the most quicker game controls on Diablo 3 than ever. Additionally, you can showcase your achievements to represent your accomplishment in Diablo 3. It will be visible to all the Blizzard users.

Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform on Xbox One & PC?
Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform on Xbox One & PC?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have cross-play across the desired devices at this point. That is you cannot play cross-platform across PC and Xbox One. More clearly, a PC player cannot join and play with the Xbox One player.

This is because the versions of the game with either of the platforms are completely different. In addition as the cross-play support is not available it is harder to have cross-platform across both platforms.

Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform PC and PS4?

No, at this point there is no support for cross-platform across PC and PS4. As both the gaming platforms and controllers are completely different it is much harder for gamers to have cross-play in Diablo 3. In simple words, if you are a PC player you can’t have a battle with a PS4 player. Because cross-play may lead to a lack of gameplay and control at times.

Is Diablo 3 Crossplay Xbox One and PS4?

Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform on Xbox One &PS4?
Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform on Xbox One &PS4?

Unluckily, No. Xbox One and PS4 both are more powerful gaming consoles in the gaming platform. But at present, the cross-play feature is not available across both devices. It is still possible to play individually on both devices.

Along with that, players on respective platforms can have battles with the players on the same platforms. Ironically, both the players can’t play against each other using different gaming consoles.

Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform PC and Nintendo Switch?

The Diablo 3 game is available on both PC and Nintendo Switch. Players of both platforms can play with the players with their respective same platforms. But it is not possible to play with the players against different platforms.

It means a PC player can’t play with the players with Nintendo Switch. I know it will be most disappointing to hear. Let’s hope to get the support for the desired service in the future.


Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform on PS4 and PS5?

No, it is not Diablo 3 Cross-Platform against PS4 and PS5. It means players with PS4 consoles cannot play against players of PS5.

Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform on Xbox and Switch?

It is hard to accept that Diablo is not available to have cross-play across Xbox and Switch.

Is Diablo 3 Crossplay on Switch?

Yes, you can easily get and play on your Nintendo Switch and the players with the Switch console without any issue.


Well, this is all about the Diablo 3 Cross-Platform game and its cross-play features with all the possible gaming consoles. Diablo 3 is one of the fantastic and adventurous games in the cross-platform lineup. If you are a cross-platform lover, the unavailability of the cross-play with the desired game is really a hard thing to accept.

But let’s hope for the best to get the support for cross-play in the future. Until that, make use of the article given above to know more about Diablo 3 and its cross-play compatibility.

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