Is Shotgun Farmers Cross-Platform?

Is Shotgun Farmers Cross-Platform in 2023?[PC, PS4, Xbox]

Shotgun Farmers Cross-Platform: The craze for online multiplayer and cross-platform games is increasing day by day in the gaming platform. Certainly, you can find various interesting genres in those upcoming games. But we always have a never-ending craze towards action, adventure, and shooting games.

Speaking about the shooting games one of the popular games in that genre is the ‘Shotgun Farmers’. Identically, it is a shooting game as the name suggests. Eventually, you will be given the role of a first-person shooter where your main aim is to kill your opponent farmer.

The main highlight in the Shotgun Farmers is there you don’t suffer from reloading of guns. Because the missed shots grow into new guns. Even you can make use of the missed shots of your enemy. Every missed shot will turn into a deadly weapon.

So you will always have a weapon to defend yourself. There is one question that many gamers have been asking about this game – is ‘Shotgun Farmers’ cross-platform? If you are wondering about this question, we will answer your query through this article. Come, let’s get into it.

Wha is Shotgun Farmers?

In simple words, Shotgun Farmers is a first-person shooting simulation game. Eventually, this game has been released in the year 2017. Certainly, it was developed and published by Megastorm Games. It is a game where you have everything related to farmers and farming.

Even the guns will resemble the ‘Corn’ in the farming field. Our desired game includes basics like joining or creating the game, general gameplay, achievements, daily challenges, and much more to explore.

Additionally, you have various game modes like Team, Deathmatch, Free for all, Chicken run, King of the crow, Capture the pig, and much more. As we see in shooting games, this game also has different types of maps.

That includes Countryside, Riverside, Westside, Roadside, Oceanside, and much more to explore with this game. We can’t forget the weapons right?  As it is the main player in a shooting game. The weapons in this game include Shovel, Shotgun, Axe, Carrocket launcher, Sniperagus, Gromato launcher, Chilli Flamethrower, and many more different types of guns.

In addition to it, you also have two types of grenades and animals. Along with that, you can also customize the costume of your farmer. By which you will always have new things to explore. The best part of this game is its compatibility.

Yes, the Shotgun Farmers game is playable on Microsoft Windows, PS4/PS5, Xbox, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. But the question is whether the game supports cross-play or not? Without wasting any more time, let’s dig out the answer.

Is Shotgun Farmers Cross-Platform?
Is Shotgun Farmers Cross-Platform?

Is Shotgun Farmers Cross-Platform in 2023?

Astonishingly, Megastorm games have confirmed that you can have full cross-play with the Shotgun Farmers game. That is you can play across various devices with players from various places, regardless of the device they use.

For example, if you are playing the Shotgun Farmers game on a PC and your friend is playing the same game on an Xbox or PS4 you both can join and play the game on a single server and vice versa.

By which you can join and play with your friends from any part of the world irrespective of the place and devices. Especially in this pandemic situation cross-platform is one of the expected and needed features from the gamer’s side.

Because it allows you to play with players with different skill sets. You can improve your gameplay, precision, and skills while working with a crew. For a beginner-level player, the availability of cross-platform helps to get started with the game and to find friends easily.

As the desired game is available for full cross-play you can easily connect with the players with different devices like PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Mac. Players with these devices can easily have cross-play among them without any hustle.

Is Shotgun Farmers Crossplay Xbox One and PC?

Is Shotgun Farmers Cross-Platform on Xbox One &PC?
Is Shotgun Farmers Crossplay on Xbox One &PC?

Yes. Without any issue, the Shotgun Farmers is cross-play across Xbox One and PC. This means an Xbox One player with the Shotgun Farmers on their console can play the same game with a PC player.

By which any player can join and play with players from diverse places. So, there will be no need to buy the game two times for different devices. Both the players can join and play cross-platform on a single server.

Is Shotgun Farmers Cross-Platform Xbox One and PS4?

Surprisingly Yes. It is possible to have cross-platform across Xbox One and PS4. It means an Xbox One player and a PS4 player can play the Shotgun Farmers game without any glitch in the respective platforms. This helps you to make new friends from different parts of the world. Also, you can improve your gaming skill and methodologies.

Is Shotgun Farmers Crossplay PS4 and PC?

Is Shotgun Farmers Cross-Platform on PS4 &PC?
Is Shotgun Farmers Cross-Platform on PS4 &PC?

Yes, the cross-play is possible across PS4 and PC. Kudos to the developer who enabled the cross-platform for this game. As a result, now we are able to play the Shotgun Farmers game on different devices like PS4 and PC. There is no need to buy different versions of the game for your devices. I short, now it is been possible for a Pc player to join and play with the PS4 player.

Is Shotgun Farmers Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Obviously, it is possible. Yes, as we all know it is possible to play across the same platforms. So you can easily cross-play the Shotgun Farmers with PS4 and PS5 devices and vice versa. It means both the players with either PS4 or PS5 devices can play together without any problem. Also, no need to buy the game two times for the same platforms.

Is Shotgun Farmers Cross-Platform Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

Of course, Yes, you can easily play Shotgun Farmers cross-play across Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The versions of the gaming consoles may differ. But it is possible to have cross-platform across the previous-gen Xbox One and the latest Xbox Series X/S. By which an Xbox One player can easily play with the Xbox Series X/S player without any hesitation.


Is Shotgun Farmers on game pass?

Yes, you can connect your Shogun Farmers account with your Xbox Game Pass account. By which you can access your game progress across multiple devices.

Is Shotgun Farmers on Switch?

Yes, the Shogun Farmers game is officially available for Nintendo Switch consoles. Using which you can also have cross-platform across and on the same platforms.

Is Shotgun Farmers Crossplay on Steam?

Yes, it is also possible to access the desired game on the Steam platform.


Yes, this is all about the game Shotgun Farmers and its cross-play features. I hope that you would have got a clear idea about Shotgun Farmers cross-platform through the above-given article.

It is really surprising that the desired game is available for almost every gaming device and streaming console. Using the above-given article you can easily check your device compatibility with the Shotgun Farmers game.

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