Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform in 2022? [PC, PS, Xbox, & Switch]

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Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform: Are you bored of playing the same old games? Thinking of spicing up your gameplay? Then, you are in the right place. Cross-Platform play is one of the things that make your gameplay more interesting. But how? Well, it allows you to play the desired game by joining with your friends online.

So you can play with your friends even though you are staying apart. Secret Neighbour is one of the online video games that comes to my mind while discussing the cross-platform play. Yes, the Secret Neighbour could be the second ingredient that can add spice to your gameplay. Among the old boring games, the Secret Neighbour game has been developed in the Horror genre.

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Eventually, the presence of multiplayer support adds more spice to the game. Because you can make the game more amazing by joining your friends. Another advantage is that it also minimizes your expense of buying more games or gaming devices. Sounds amazing right? Yes, it ought to that we will be discussing whether Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform in 2021 in the following article.

About Secret Neighbour

In simple words, Secret Neighbour is a horror based multiplayer video game. It is a social game that is evergrowing. Certainly, the game was published by TinyBuild and now the game has been available for various gaming systems like Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Google Stadia. The best part with this game is that it includes a full-fledged online multiplayer mode.

Chiefly the main thing to notice with this multiplayer mode is that it is online and also offline. As a result, you can play with your friends who are nearby you or with friends across the world. So get ready to explore the Hello Neighbour’s house by joining your teammates.

The ultimate aim for you in this game is to unlock the basement door and recover one of the members. Certainly, it is not so easy as it sounds. You have to collect the keys and in that process, you have to tackle one of the weird men who is disguised as a normal man. Chiefly the actual problem is that he will be coming with you as one of your teammates.

At the instant, the gameplay may sound like the Among Us game. But, the Secret Neighbour game has some improved graphics, and a good storyline. There are four rounds given for the match. Each round lasts for 15 minutes and it approximately requires 1 hour to complete the game.

In case if you choose to terminate the match beforehand then the members in both ends will be killed. This game has become a huge success and gained huge popularity on both the play store and steam. It is better to know the thrill in this game by directly playing this game. Without any more wait let’s find out, is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform in 2021?.

Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform in 2021?

Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform?
Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform?

Surprisingly, Yes, the Secret Neighbour game is Cross-Platform in 2021. Of course, it will definitely sound amazing for avid gamers who were expecting cross-play in this game for a long time. As I stated earlier, this game is available on various devices like PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch, and Google Stadia.

The prescribed cross-play support is possible across all the above given compatible gaming devices. For example, if you are a PC player then you can easily join and play with an Xbox One player. Surprisingly this game is even available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

By which now players can even access this amazing online video game from their smartphones. So that players who have no time even to sit can also play this game anytime anywhere they wish. The only thing is you should be surrounded by a group of players. As the game supports a cross-play feature, accessing this on multiple platforms is not a hard task.

If you are expecting to add more horror to this game, then try playing this game at nighttime by closing all the curtains. It’s the apt time to thank the developer who has made the cross-platform feature available for this game. Apart from the benefits of cross-play, there are some issues that the developers face. Following are some of the issues.

  • In order to cross-play a game, the respective game has to be released multiple times for every console.
  • Maintaining a server that could withstand the connection between two systems is very essential. Because a player may face many lags and technical glitches while cross-playing a game.
  • The risk of losing the data or theft is high in cross-platform play.
  • There won’t be equality among the input devices used for gaming with all players.

Even though Cross-Platform play is still in the development stage, it gives a lot more benefits for players regardless of the disadvantages.

Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform PC & Xbox One?
Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform PC & Xbox One?

Yes, the Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform is possible across PC and Xbox One in 2021. This means the players with different gaming hardware like PC and Xbox One can join and play together. Even though the game version is different with both the devices, the presence of cross-platform play makes it possible to play the gamers with each other.

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Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform PS4 and PC?

Yes, players can cross-play the Secret Neighbour game across PS4 and PC. This means if you are playing the respective game on PC and your friend is playing on a PS4 then you both can join and play with each other. Even you can join and play as a crew against each other.

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Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform PS4 and Xbox One?

Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform PS4 & Xbox One?
Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform PS4 & Xbox One?

Of course, Yes. The Secret Neighbour game is cross-play across PS4 and Xbox One devices. This means players can play the respective game with two different types of consoles. More clearly, a PS4 player can easily join and play with an Xbox One player. Kudos to the developer who has made this cross-platform play possible.

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Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

In simple words, the answer to this question is Yes. So the players with PS4 and Nintendo Switch consoles can play against each other. Even though the method of gaming with both the console differs players can easily access the game across multiple systems with the help of cross-play support.

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Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform Android and iOS?

Yes, the players can cross-play across Android and iOS smartphones with the Secret Neighbour game. Thanks to the developer who have optimized the game version to be playable on smartphones including the consoles.

Is Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform PS4 and iOS?

Of course, Yes. The Secret Neighbour game can be played across the PS4 console and iOS smartphones. Yes, the console version of gaming will be different from the mobile version. But the cross-play support allows players to connect and play with each other.


This is all to say about the Secret Neighbour game and the cross-platform play option with it. I hope everyone will be clear with the possibilities to cross-play the respective horror game across multiple devices.

The best part with this game is that it can be played across consoles, PC, and even on Android and iOS smartphones. Surprisingly this game comes with built-in cross-play support. So it is very easy to access this game across multiple platforms. Make use of the above-given article to cross-play the Secret Neighbour Cross-Platform game.

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