Shaking Tapping Codes

Roblox Shaking Tapping Codes List [Updated 2022]

Shaking Tapping Codes: Are you wondering how to level up faster in the Roblox Shaking Tapping game? If so, it is possible by unlocking more rewards and gifts. Shaking Tapping has some unique codes which help you to make your game more interesting.

As well, it will increase your winning possibilities in the game. So, today we are going to show all the available active as well as non-active Shaking Tapping codes in this article. Also, you will get an idea to use the code on the Shaking Tapping game through this article.

Shaking Tapping Codes List

Shaking Tapping Codes are useful to unlock the new gifts in your game. Here, two kinds of codes are available. They are active and non-active codes. With those codes, you can easily win the game. But, this has an expiry period, so you need to use them before they expire. Also, no one can find the date of expiring of the Shaking Tapping Codes. With Active codes, you will get pets, gems, coins, and so on. But, after some particular period, it will become expired which is called non-active code.

Shaking Tapping Codes
Shaking Tapping Codes for Free

Working Shaking Tapping Codes List

Shaking Tapping has numerous working codes which provide you rewards like gems and pets. So, use them as soon as possible.


Rewards: 35,000 Gems


Rewards: Tofuu Youtuber Pet


Rewards: StailerBlox Youtuber Pet


Rewards: 650 Gems


Rewards: FernandaGames Youtuber Pet


Rewards: JeffBlox Youtuber Pet


Rewards: CookieBoi Youtuber Pet


Rewards: The Secret Pet


Rewards: GravyCatman Youtuber Pet


Rewards: 500Qn Gems


Rewards: Roblerom Youtuber Pet


Rewards: RussoPlays Youtuber Pet


Rewards: yTowakGB Youtuber Pet

There is no expired code in the Shaking Tapping game. In case, in the future, there are any changes in expired codes, we will update.

How to Redeem Shaking Tapping Codes?

From the below part, you will know about the codes and their uses. But, how could you add them to your game? Hereafter, you need not worry about it. You can use the below-given procedure to do that easily.

  • Log in to your Shaking Tapping account.
  • Then, choose the Twitter button.
  • On your new screen, enter the Shaking Tapping Code correctly.
  • Finally, click on the Confirm button.

Shaking Tapping games provide some active codes to its users to get more rewards. With those rewards, you can easily win the match. Also, adding the code to your game is so simple. You can do this with our above guidance. As well, we show all the active and non-active codes in the above list, use them and use the correct code for your game.

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