Roblox Squid Game X Codes List

Squid Game X Codes Lists For Free

Hello Friends! All must be familiar with the most popular Squid Game right! In this guide, we feel elegant to offer the Roblox Squid Game X Codes list that is working and as well as non-working codes. The players can also use these codes to claim coins. One important notice is that this game is strictly prohibited for kids. So, without wasting time let us delve deeper into this write-up to know how to redeem the coins.

Roblox Squid Game X Codes List

This is also one of the most popular shows on Netflix in Korea. These games also contain in-built currency which you can use for purchasing boosts and loot boxes. Squid Game is based on survival games like the one who stays till the end wins the game and he will be the one getting the prize money. If you have enough luck then you can avail yourself of the cosmetic gear. To reach the end of the game you must be very careful as you must not be spotted by the girl. In the upcoming part, we will discuss working and non-working codes.

Roblox Squid Game X Codes List
Roblox Squid Game X Codes List For Free

Working Roblox Squid Game X Codes List

In this part, we are here to discuss all the working codes on the Squid Game, make sure to refer to the following codes.


Rewards: Coins       Amount: 150


Rewards: Coins        Amount: 100


Rewards: Coins       Amount: 150


Rewards: Coins      Amount: 75


Rewards: Coins      Amount: 100


Rewards: Coins      Amount: 50

Expired Roblox Squid Game X Codes List

In this area, we have listed some of the non-working codes that are no longer available in the game.

  • Currently, there are no expired codes

How to Redeem Roblox Squid Game X Codes?

To redeem the codes that are available you can simply follow the procedure below to claim the reward.

  • Firstly, launch the Squid Game X in Roblox
  • On the right corner of the screen hit on the Twitter Icon
  • Now enter the working code in the text box
  • Finally, click on the Redeem button to claim the reward

By following the above method you can easily claim the reward which you have earned using the active codes. Keep an eye on the article frequently to make sure whether the codes are active or not. Because these codes keep on changing. Before entering into the game very the code or else you cannot afford the rewards.

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